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Protek Equipment carries the full line of Corghi Artiglio 50 / AM50 Tire Changer parts. This center mount and Leverless mounting head tire changer can mount up to 30″ wheels. Replacement, Spare, accessories. Valves, and Plastic Inserts.

The ARTIGLIO 50 is an evolution of the automatic tyre changer featuring the “leva la leva” technology. In other words, operatives continue to use the usual procedures, with no change to their routines, but with absolutely none of the physical effort and risk of damaging particularly delicate or demanding rims and tyres. At the same time, working times on all latest-generation wheels (from low profile to all run flat types) are slashed.

A2024TI | A2019TI | A2010TI | MTS 2010 | MTS 24

12 pc Leverless Inserts


A2024TI | A2019TI | A2010TI | MTS 2010 | MTS 24

13 pc Leverless Inserts


Locking Pistol



Locking Pistol

Cone Protector


Artiglio 5000